A Comprehensive List: Repairs Apple Can’t Fix

A Comprehensive List: Repairs Apple Can’t Fix

Here is a small list of repairs that Casemogul can fix but Apple either cannot fix or over charges you for.

iPad charge port repairs

In order to fix an iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 charge port, you must remove the glass digitizer. This digitizer is adhered on with very strong adhesive to prevent your ipad digitizer from coming apart on regular use. This however makes it extremely difficult to repair without cracking the glass.

You have to carefully take the front glass off without scratching or cracking it to get to the charge port. Once you’ve opened it up, it’s not overly complex to change the charge port. However, Apple will charge you for the risk that they damage your front glass or will likely charge you to replace your iPad.

CaseMogul has the technical skills to take off that glass without cracking it and replace your charge port. For iPad 5 and higher along with iPad mini 1, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3 and iPad mini 4, the charge port is actually soldered onto the motherboard. We can also do those repairs but once again, Apple doesn’t offer soldering repair services. This means that if you bring them an iPad with a damaged charge port, your chances of being overcharged are quite high!

We charge approximately $80 for iPad Air and iPad air 2 charge ports, we take on the risk of damaging your front glass and don’t charge you for it and we can also do soldering jobs!

iPad LCD repairs

iPad LCD repairs are along the same vein as iPad charge port repairs. Have you every had an iPad where the glass was not cracked but the image behind it or inside it is showing weird colours or is just black? Similar to the above, Apple would charge you for a new glass digitizer when really all you needed was an LCD repair!

CaseMogul can repair that without damaging the glass as well!

Bent iPhone or iPads

Have you ever had an iPhone or an iPad that you may have sat on or has somehow been bent out of shape?

If you take it to the Apple store, they may tell you that this is not repairable. In the most extreme scenarios, we have seen customers bring iPhones to Apple with perhaps a corner dented in while everything else works perfectly and Apple would tell the customer that the phone needs to be completely replaced. This is likely because they don’t have the tools to unbend phones, or they don’t want to take on the risk that when bending the phone, the screen may crack or the phone may encounter other problems.

Once again, CaseMogul offers bending services for most phones and iPad for only $25, comparing to $375 at Apple!

iPhone Front Camera repair

The iPhone front camera is embedded in the front screen. However in order to get to it, the top speaker will need to be taken out, along with a few other components before you can gain access to the camera to replace it.

Apple seems to not want to expose their technicians to this risk. So if you take your iPhone to Apple and ask for a simple front camera replacement, they may charge you for an entire screen replacement.

This particularly true for a home button repair as well. If you take an iPhone with a damaged home button to Apple, they will charge you $170 which is the exact same price they would quote you if you brought in a phone that was completely shattered in the front.

CaseMogul charges only $40 for a front camera replacement!

iPhone Top speaker repair

Same idea as above, Apple will charge you a for a full screen replacement even though you just needed your front speaker replaced.

CaseMogul does this for $40!

iPhone Back Camera Lens repair

This is another good one, Apple will refuse to change your back camera lens on an iPhone but will likely ask you to get a new phone for $375.

Why? Once again they don’t want to go through the hassle of teaching 1000 technicians how to carefully remove just the lens of their back camera because there is a chance of unintentionally stabbing the motherboard with your screw driver or damaging other components. A back camera glass lens repair however at CaseMogul is just $25!

iPhone and iPad common motherboard repairs

iPhone and iPad motherboard repairs involve BGA chip removal or soldering work. It is way too costly for Apple to train 1000 technicians to have steady hands, read schematics, and diagnose problems.

Motherboard repairs take practice and patience. There are very common problems including Touch disease for iPhone 6 and 6Plus along with Charge IC issues for iPads and iPhones that CaseMogul fixes on a daily basis that Apple refuses to touch.

This is especially bad if you want to retrieve the data from your phone, you could care less if the phone is fixed but you just want your data! Apple would likely only be able to offer you a replacement and not a fix.

Older iPhone models

If you try taking an old iPhone to Apple and ask them to change your backplate, they will likely not be able to do it. This is simply because it would be too inefficient to carry parts for phones that are older than 2 or 3 years.

CaseMogul carries parts for almost every phone model, and if we don’t have that phone model we could always order the part in. So another reason why you should give CaseMogul a try the next time you have a phone repair!

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