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Whether it’s a smashed screen or slow software, we can save you big bucks by bringing your trusty gadget back to its best. With the best phone repair services in Calgary, you’ll be astounded at the magic we can work.


Explore our unbeatable range of Android and iPhone cases. With the biggest selection in Canada, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect protection for your device.

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We don’t just have the best services in cell phone repair Calgary can offer, we also look out for your phone before any repairs are even needed. Furthermore, we’ve got good news for you. You don’t need to travel all over the country to find the perfect case, because we have the biggest selection of phone cases in Canada.

Whatever your style, whichever color, skin or brand you like, we’ve got your back. Be it iPhone or Android, iPad or tablet, you’re sure to find a case you love. Not only that, we offer the full range of durable, premium protection brands such as OtterBox, Kate Spade, and iSkin. Your device won’t just look great every day, it’ll also be ready for any wild nights out.

Your Phone, Your Design

Want to be different? Everyone has a phone these days, but yours can be unique. Get your perfect picture or brand immortalized right onto your smartphone case. Our custom cases make the perfect gift!

Our process is simple. If you’ve already had a design or a photo in mind, simply choose your picture, select a case, and send it to us. We will take care of the rest! Upload your design today or contact us if you still have questions!


It’s bad enough that you’re having phone troubles, the last thing you want to do is deal with the frustrations of trying to travel across a huge city to find help. We make things easy for you by offering our services in four different locations in Calgary. You can solve your phone problems at any one of our four retail locations.

We are also always expanding with more locations coming to Calgary and the surrounding areas. Visit one of our locations today for your phone cases, tablet cases or screen protector.

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