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Cracked screen? Fuzzy sound? Jammed buttons? Bring your smartphone to one of our many certified technicians.

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Cell Phone Repair Calgary


Life happens. People are going to drop their phones or tablets. Don’t despair, we can repair your devices quickly and at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one. Simply book an appointment online or visit one of our retail locations.


If you are traveling or just want to have more freedom with your phone, bring it to us and we can unlock it for you on the spot. It’s what we’re here for. Book an appointment online or come to our store for hassle-free phone service.


Calgary is a huge city. We have four convenient locations across the city to ensure you don’t have to go too far to get top-notch smartphone service. Find us at Chinook Centre, CrossIron Mills, Market Mall or Southcentre

Canada’s Largest Selection of Phone Cases


Unlimited Choice

Whether you want to protect your phone or showcase your personal style, we have cases for everyone. We have the largest selection of cases in Canada for you to find the perfect case, cover, or skin.

From the iPhone, iPad, Androids and tablets, we’ve got you and your device covered. Accident prone or work a tough job and need an indestructible case? We have something for you. If you want to make your phone to stand out with a great design? We have something for you. With brands like Kate Spade, iSkin, and OtterBox, Case Mogul is a one stop shop for digital device needs.

Custom Case Printing

Your Phone, Your Design

Newlyweds, parents, business owners and Instagram heroes. Get your perfect picture or brand immortalized right onto your smartphone case that is unique to you. Create a personalized case that matches your life and style. Custom cases are also the perfect gift!

It’s easy! Pick your picture, choose a case, and upload your design. We will do the rest of the work for you. Keep your phone or tablet safe from bumps and floors with your stylish and completely customized case.

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